A tradition of hospitality;
a legacy of service.

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Michael Saunders and Drayton Saunders.

How may we assist you?

These five words are at the core of the Michael Saunders & Company brand. Founded over 47 years ago by a single mother with local roots and a passion for helping people, sharp style and a keen eye for the smallest details.

Today, we are more than 700 agents strong with 23 offices up and down Florida’s Gulf Coast. And our founder’s story is still central to who we are today: a collaborative of the most skilled and informed agents in the industry, delivering meticulous real estate service to people from all walks of life. We are Southwest Florida’s real estate company.

We are Michael Saunders & Company.

We’re here.

Market Insights

47 years of hindsight gives you an amazing ability to see the future.

Forty-seven is more than a number.

It means four decades of studying the ups, downs and turns of the Southwest Florida market. It means fifteen thousand days of investing in this place we call home to put our community on a global map. It means a longstanding commitment to our people before our profit.

Forty-seven years here means knowing where we came from, and where we’re going.

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The most collaborative
team in the industry

Over 700 agents,
yet one of a kind.

In our world, real estate is about collaboration and creativity.

Our agents work together, give and receive advice and share knowledge. We set forth in our work with a singular vision of service that sets the bar high for real estate throughout the region.


We're so proud of our team and their accomplishments.
Hear what they have to say.

Ian Addy, Realtor
"Our listings come more smoothly because of the trust in the brand. We dominate the sales graph.”
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2007
Janet Walter, Realtor
"Michael Saunders is the Neiman Marcus of real estate."
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2015
Georgina Clamage, Realtor
"We attract people through our values...we live, eat and breathe them.”
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2000
Marcia Salkin, Realtor
"It's not just the leaders, it's the people that come together every week.”
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2008
Tina Ciaccio, Realtor
"Nowhere but here is there a platform for an agent to sustain their best long standing results for a stellar business model."
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2015
Barbara Milian, Realtor
"The company’s core values are synonyms to my character which is the best fit for the development of my 24 year career at Michael Saunders & Company!"
At Michael Saunders & Company since 2000
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A company built
to serve you.

A team behind you